Climate Leadership is a program that builds a community of leaders in business change aiming at achieving climate neutrality.

Why Climate Leadership?

The latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report leaves no doubt:

we are witnessing climate change, and its rapidity in the last for decades is our responsibility.

If we want to at least have a chance to stop the climate crisis, the business must take radical steps at the level of basic products and services, production and management processes and even entire business models.

The transformation of production and consumption patterns will affect business models at their core, forcing higher efficiency in the use of raw materials and specific measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

At the United Nations Environment Assembly which took place in March 2019, resolution “Solving Environmental Issues Through Sustainable Business Practices” (UNEP/EA.4/L.5) was adopted. It calls the private sector to intensify actions for implementation, scaling-up and duplication of sustainable business practices.

Secretary General Antonio Guterres appeals to all of the leaders to take specific action immediately and as a result reduce emissions of greenhouse gases over the next decade by 45%. This is a necessary condition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

The concept of the program

Participants of the Climate Leadership program

Participants of the Climate Leadership program are selected companies, aware of their role in the process of achieving climate neutrality and able to see the potential for development in the process of change. These companies take up specific actions that measurably reduce negative environmental impact of products and services or were established as a response to challenges related to climate change (in particular, maintaining the quality of human life).


Climate neutrality of business.


Companies make specific, measurable commitments in the field of market activities to reduce the negative impact on climate.


Support systematic implementation of real changes in the market offer of the largest companies – new products/services, change of essential features of offered products/services, changes in the process of manufacturing, changes in the supply chain – which are the answer to the climate crisis and related threats.


Active sharing of reported commitments and implemented activities on a dedicated on-line platform involving consumers, scientific and non-governmental communities; communication campaigns developed with a media partner; intensive communication via social media.

Expert support

Commitments will be consulted with external experts.



November 7

Program commencement

during the event organized as a part of SDGs Partnership ‚Together for the Environment’


June 4

Summary of the 1st edition

During the conference ,Positive business in Poland’

How does it work?

Climate Leadership is a program that builds a community of leaders in business change aiming at achieving climate neutrality.

It is also a motivational and inspirational tool to tackle specific and tough challenges. Let’s find solutions together!

Once the experts accept the commitment, the company will be given the right to use the Climate Leadership logo.

Benefits for the companies joining Climate Leadership program

inclusion of the company in the global trend of activities oriented on sustainable development, built under the auspices of the UN Environment

a significant contribution to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030

meeting expectations of a rapidly growing group of clients/consumers aware of companies climate responsibility

fostering innovation and building competitive advantage through the implementation of real change in the way of doing business, based on introducing socially responsible products/services to the market

strengthening brand reputation through cooperation with the UN Environment

building trust among current and future employees (employer branding), as well as among social and public partnersh

cooperation with experts from the science and business community, supporting the process of defining commitments and monitoring the implementation of the declared change

the ability to promote your own commitment related products/services

additional channel for communicating engagement of companies in climate action


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